Welcome to life at 30! Wow. Nothing happened.

I have good sushi karma. FujiYama serves very tasty sushi about a mile from our house. I decided to treat myself to a small order of sushi for lunch. They have a special right now that says “Lunch Special – Buy one sushi, Get one free”. We have a menu at home that was mailed a while back. I called in an order for one mackerel and one halibut sushi both costing $4.25 per order. Each order has 2 pieces. So this would logically land me 4 pieces of sushi. Josh clambered into the stroller and I wheeled him up the hill to get my order. I’d like to mention that my pessimism of having another heat blast was accurate. Today reached 98 in some areas. Although the bank’s digital thermometer measured 95, I swear it was hotter. Back to sushi. The lady who presented the bill was going to charge me $9.20. I brought exactly enough cash for one order: $4.60. I explained there was a mistake. I didn’t order two orders of sushi, only one. She asked if I ordered one mackerel and one halibut. Yes, I said, that’s the two sushis, one of which is free. She agreed and that was why my order cost $9. We went back and forth for a moment. She told me to pay what I could afford and bring in the remainder of my bill tomorrow. I was grateful she let me leave the store with my sushi half paid, even though I believed they made a mistake.

I get home and found 8 pieces of sushi in my box: four mackeral, four halibut. Suddenly it all made sense on how things got so confused. Most places that have a buy one, get one deal apply it to the menu items you order. So when I ordered my two types of fish, I expected one type to be free. Instead I paid for two types of sushi and got two free. Tomorrow I will take my $5 to them to make good on my bill and keep my sushi karma in the positive.

In other news, I signed myself up for medical research this week. The Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine (IEEM), at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, is seeking healthy women who are planning on becoming pregnant within the next 6 months to participate in a research study. The purpose of this study is to investigate how the brain controls blood vessels and blood pressure during the early and late stages of pregnancy. Subjects will participate in testing prior to pregnancy; between weeks 4-8 of pregnancy; between weeks 32-36 of pregnancy and 6-10 weeks after delivery. Participants will receive free blood work, electrocardiogram and monetary compensation for their time. To qualify, you must:
* be a healthy female- not on any medications
* have no previous history of pregnancy-induced hypertension or pre- eclampsia
* be a non-smoker
* be able to commit to 4 visits to the IEEM during regular business hours (each visit takes approximately 2 hours)

Due to a certain wedding taking place in May next year in Canada, we’ve been holding off on trying for number two until this month. I am determined to be at this wedding, even if I have to walk my boney butt to Vancouver alone! Thus, I wouldn’t really be able to go if I was too pregnant or just had a baby. But if we start soon and I’ll be able to attend with more than a month left to the due date. THAT is my master plan. We’ll see how things actually work out.

Back to the research. This is a fairly invasive study. In the 2-3 hour appointments, I would endure multiple medical tests to my blood pressure, nerves, heart rate, etc. They will have me on a special prepared diet two days prior to each appointment. This ensures I don't pig out on pretzels or junk food which can effect my blood pressure. Why do this, you ask? First, there's the money. Every little bit helps. Second, it's timing. I just so happen to be thinking of trying for baby number 2 in the near future. Third, to be part of medical exploration. It takes willing volunteers like myself to promote further understanding about our health and our bodies. The hardest part about my appointments will be the time spent waiting for each test to complete. There will be times when I must lay on a bed for minutes at a time while they take my blood pressure and monitor this or that. I hate to wait, but I guess I'll find a way to entertain my brain.



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