Josh is becoming more and more resistant to going to bed easily. He makes excuses to stay up like a request to drink water, read a book or watch a show. We still sit outside his door at night and for naps to make sure he stays in his bed. After half an hour of thumping his legs, tossing and turning, talking to himself, and running his hand along the bars of the toddler bed, he finally finally falls asleep. Long gone are the days of rocking him to sleep or filling up on milk in a bottle before bedtime.

I'm keeping Josh couped inside these last few days. He stepped in an ant hill Saturday afternoon making his feet swell up and itch like crazy. Unfortunately I didn't know there was such a thing as fire ant sting relief until yesterday. I'm not letting him the backyard until the majority of his bug bites are healed and the ant bed is terminated. Until then, we're running errands, playing at playgrounds, strolling the 'hood and of course living it up inside.

Are prunes a weird thing to crave? I've been snacking on prunes lately. It hasn't effected my output, so far as I notice. Dried fruit is my favorite snack. Especially dried pears and pineapple. Pears don't come easy and only Sun Maid has the right taste for dried pineapple. It's the closest thing to the dried pineapple I subsisted on while in Spain years ago. I probably ate 15 pineapples in Barcelona just snacking on the dried fruit from the neighborhood grocer.




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