Elliot tells me he doesn't like formula milk at all. He spits it out, shakes his head away from the cup, spits it up, pushes the cup away. He also tells me he LOVES canned pear slices and freshly steamed peach all mushed up. His opinion of what's good isn't reliable though. For example, he'll squish a green bean and drop it aside but doesn't give grass a second thought.

The boys' Halloween costumes came in. Josh's fits just barely but good enough. I'll put Elliot into his tomorrow for a fitting. As for me, I have a Queen of Hearts costume left over from a long time ago. All I need are some tights to wear under it.

The house will be super awesome this Halloween. Not only do we have teeth for the porch, we now also have red eyes for two upstairs windows. I found red nylon Chinese lanterns that I'll perch atop of two lamps, one in josh's room, one in the game room. In our beta run, we could see too much of the ceilings and ceiling fans from across the street (even with the other lights turned off) so I'm going to cover the windows with black paper or cloth with a hole cut out. I can't wait!

About TV now. First off, this season of Project Runway is almost over. There are four contestants left with one more competition before the fashion show at Bryant Park. I'm hoping that Kenley does not get picked because she is so rude and cocky- I want to smack he sometimes. But rumor has it she gets to show. Moving on, to politics. I missed the broadcast of Sarah Palin's interview with Katie Couric when it aired (all thanks to YouTube, I am sufficiently caught up) but tomorrow night is the Biden-Palin and I do want to watch that. Either Sarah Palin will fall on her face or her time at "debate camp" will make her more prepared. That debate will not influence my choice for whom to vote for, but I do think it could be entertaining.



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