Elliot is learning to get around in a new way- he's cruising! He pulls up (or tries to)on everything: window sills, couches, highchair, big boxes, bed posts, bookshelves, stairs, toilet bowels, everything. We're in the process of installing a gate at the bottom of the stairs and I'm getting back into the habit of closing the bathroom doors. These days he's also screeching more. He screeches when he's frustrated, when he wants or doesn't want something, or when he wants attention. It's annoying but I'm glad to see he's starting to express himself. He also eats well. Today he's had: Cheerios, raisin bread toast, grapes sliced in half, green beans, and applesauce thickened with rice cereal. I'll feed him yogurt, green beans and mild cheddar for dinner. Maybe some pork too if it's tender enough.



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