I am officially not on good terms with my cardiologist.

I worked with a doctor acquaintance I know to draft a letter on behalf of the cardiologist based on her reports since May. I sent a soft copy of the letter on a memory stick so she could edit as she saw fit ,and I asked for her to put it on letterhead and sign it.

Waited 2 days with no response. I called today to see when I could retrieve it. I was informed that she didn't want to sign it but felt an electrophysiologist should sign the letter after an examination.

Oh no you didn't!

I argued that the letter was for HER based on HER report.

"Have you seen Dr. Khan regarding the tilt table test? She feels Dr. Khan would be more appropriate to comment on the syncope-"
"-I disagree!" I butted in, "I think Dr. Agarwal is the ONLY doctor who can comment on the syncope since it's her report to the FAA that was questioned."
"Well, she doesn't... hold on." She goes away for a few minutes then comes back. "Have you scheduled with Dr. Khan yet?"
"Listen, I had a tilt table test done years ago and my doctor is in communication with the doctor who has those files. So no, I do not want to see another doctor, I don't want to pay for unnecessary testing, I just want Dr. Agarawal to sign a letter stating what HER report states, that there's no clinical significance to the syncope or the septal hypokinesis or anything else. She can even edit it before she signs it."
There was a pause then the receptionist said she'd put it back in front of the doctor again.


I was so pissed after that call. I don't get why this doctor is so resistant. I listened to angry loud music and skipped lunch trying to keep busy with other things at work.

I've got a fire of persistence and stubbornness burning. It's going to take legal action to make me stop trying!


moofie said...

Ugh. what a dreadful rigamarole.

I know you will be victorious, but now you've got something in common with all astronauts ever...disdain for flight surgeons.

(that's probably overstating a LITTLE bit... : )


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