I saw the Super AME today. He did a brief examination and gave me marching orders to get the FAA to stop focusing on my heart's anomaly that has nothing to do with anything. He says to bring him all the reports listed below and then it should take ~10 days to talk the FAA supervisor into reconsidering my case. I need to get:

  1. the cardiologist to write up a letter regarding my echo and Septal hypokinesis confirming that I am asymptomatic w/ a normal ETT - in progress
  2. copies of my physician's notes about my muscle strain in February - it's coming
  3. copies of "doc in the box" notes about said muscle strain in February - got it
  4. fasting blood lab work - need it
  5. a letter from me stating (again) that I had 2 instances of fainting and I am healthy
  6. a tilt table test with a cardiologist report on the results - *sigh*

This last one almost has me convinced this isn't worth it. My 3 visits to the cardiologist has so far cost me $2500 after insurance. A tilt test probably costs at least $1500. And I doubt my insurance will cover it because I'm asymptomatic.

I can sell blood plasma for $200.

I hate to quit at this point now that I've sunk so much money, energy and effort into getting this far. Yet I'm wondering how far is far enough? Is this worth it?

I could sell some of my eggs for $5000.

I've already contacted 2 doctors to get their medical notes and contacted the nearby hospital to see if they can do a tilt table test. They'll get back to me on availability. Of course I'll be paying the hospital for equipment and the staff and doctor for the procedure and write up. It's a 2 hour appointment with recommendations to have someone drive me home afterwads so I'll likely miss a day of work for this

I could sell a kidney for $70,000.



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