Checkride in Sight!

This week I got endorsed to take my checkride.


Now I'm waiting for the school's preferred FAA designated examiner guy to be available for testing. I'm told he only does weekends.  So far no response.  I'm worried he may not be available until the end of the month.  We'll see.  *fingers crossed*

Today I flew a couple patterns around Addison airport. I would have liked to have flown more but

  1. I ran out of time, and
  2. the winds changed to be more of crosswind component.

Also, the pilot side right brake was broken making it difficult to effectively taxi.  I could left like a champ but not right.  My CFI has on right side brake duty.

Meanwhile I'll be reading the Practical Test Standards and a little book called Pass Your Private Pilot Checkride.  And flying when it's affordable.  :-)



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