I passed my Private Pilot checkride!!

I am now a PILOT!

and not a student - yay!!
223 landings, 90.6 hours total

My designated pilot examiner, Alan Kasher, was so easy going and relaxed and practical about what he tested me on.  There were no surprise punches, no sudden requests to action, no lengthy exercises. I highly recommend him.  :-)

Of course, he passed me so perhaps my opinion is clouded.  heheh

Anyway, I planned a cross country trip to Shreveport as part of the exam which was used as a discussion point about navigation, diverting and general planning.  The oral exam was about an hour and a half I think but it felt way faster than that.  I answered all of his questions easily, some with rambling in detail as that's what I do when I'm nervous.

He prepped me about the flight before we left so that I knew what to expect.  I tuned into the Addison VOR on my way out pointing as if I were going to Terrell airport (one of my cross country checkpoints) then around Lake Hubbard he decided the cross country planning was sufficiently demonstrated so we moved on to unusual attitude recovery, did some slow flight, stalls of both types, steep turns and emergency landing procedures.  He gave me the option between s-turns or turns around a point.  Since my s-turns have been spotty in quality in this airplane, I chose the turns around a point and did well on that.

Then we headed to Mesquite for some landings. My first landing was a bit rough, I bounced a little, but I recovered nicely from it and he said it was fine.  I did short field landing, soft field landing, soft field take-off and take-off over a 50 ft. imaginary object.  All of these were completed nicely with compliments along the way.

We headed back to Addison.  I maintain altitude the whole way manually (something I struggle with in these light sports) but I did make a mistake on a radio call talking to Addison. It wasn't a big deal of a mistake but worth a mention after we landed and debriefed.

He shook my hand at the end as we were getting out and said "Congratulations, you did a good job. ... I'd fly with you again."

That was it!  We went inside, he printed my temporary certificate, signed it, discussed it then I was officially seen as a Pilot, not a student.


One year, two weeks and LOTS of money and time went into this effort. 

So what's next?  I want to be checked out on a Cessna 172 at a nearby hangar so I can share family trips.  I also want to fly half of the cross country trip next weekend to Lubbock.  I also want to throw a party and take some friends and coworkers up with me for the fun of it.  If you can read this, you're invited!  :-)




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