I have a cold today- ug. My throat is scratchy, glands swollen, less energy- but it's not too bad. I've had far worse colds than this. Luckily my nose isn't runny or stuffed and I'm not too lethargic.
We made a huge batch of carrot soup yesterday for Tommy's Food & Spirits Party. We filled an entire crock pot full of this yummy soup, which won as best side dish by crowd applause & shouting. There were two ties: mojito and the beer bong tied for best beverage and raspberries on fire and truffles tied for best dessert. The two guys tied for best beverage had a rock-paper-scissors face off to break the tie. The best desserts had a dance off. In the end, everyone was a winner because we got to "eat like kings, drink like queens".

Joshua stayed at Preethi's for a few hours last night while we partied. It was the first time I had taken him to someone else's house to be watched at night, other than the in-laws. And they don't count because Josh knows them and usually stays with them. I couldn't get him to sleep so Preethi finally laid him down in the pack n' play. She said he was quiet and played for a bit then feel asleep.

It's raining so I'm not sure what Josh and I will do tomorrow. I guess he'll go with me running errands since there are no indoor parks and I refuse to take him to the mall play area until he's old enough to stop running into the mall.



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