BOO! Happy Halloween!!

Trip to Lubbock was good. Josh had such a great time playing at his grandma's house. We got into town about 6:30pm, in time for dinner at Furrs and putting up the pack and play. Saturday we spent the morning at Maxi Park playing, feeding ducks, and playing some more. I met with a fellow mom's group organizer. Josh napped well then we went to the Corn Maze. The maze was fun but then I got dehydrated by the half-way point and needed to rest. We went on a hay ride and picked out a nice pumpkin for my mom to decorate. That night, after dinner and Josh's bedtime, mom and I decorated pumpkins and watched Poltergeist. Sunday we walked to a nearby park with mom's dogs (who nearly broke her back from tugging), gave up that idea and went back to Maxi Park. Sunday evening we had dinner at Raymond's who served up gumbo, blackened fish and chicken, and this yummy squash au gratin. I would have loved to stay and chat at length but Josh needed to go to sleep. Josh had fun at Raymond's. He learned to throw the dog's toy to play fetch. Every time the dog fetched the toy Josh laughed. I took josh to my mom's for bed and stayed up talking until late. Our trip back home was uneventful.

Josh was sooo excited to be home again with his dad. They played for two hours until Josh needed to sleep. I was hoping to get a back and shoulder massage from Rusty but he got paged and had to work. :-( Back to normal.

Today is overcast and chilly. We don't have any special plans for Halloween. Maybe I'll dress Josh up this evening to help answer the door for trick or treaters.



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