From a recent email:

Regarding how we are. . . Remember how Josh was always lively in class with the Plano Moms Group? How he always wanted to stand and squawk? Nothing has changed expect he's older, runs, climbs and points at everything. He's still very active, always on the go and makes so many noises! He's not trying to learn language yet. Going 'eh eh' and pointing seems to get him (eventually) everything he wants. He's very independent, has no concept of strangers nor dangers, and loves to play chase. He also has bruises all along his legs! I guess you could say we're about as normal as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The governor's debate is going on right now. The four incumbants are doing the rapid Q/A from a panel who ask various questions about policy, plans, ideals, and trivia about the state. The two independants (Kinky & "Grandma" Strayhorn) sound uninformed and unprepared but had strong colorful personalities and a little fire in their responses. The two party candidates (Bell & Perry "Zzzzz") are prepared for the debate but sound boring and slow to the point. Although I do want a governor who is highly educated and can actually manage, I also think having a lively personality is the type of catalyst that will move things to progress. Keeping the state's history in mind, I also need to consider who could someday make a decent President. Kinky may be fun for governor in Texas, but would we really want him in charge of everything? It's just something to take into account.



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