This weekend was awesome! Lee & Barb got hitched and are now touring the hill country of Texas before going back to Portland. Their wedding was just like them: relaxed, joyful, fun and in good taste. The reception was at the Plano Art Centre so we had seating outside in the garden/patio area. Rusty was a groomsmen on the grooms' side. I have to clarify this because both sides had men and women. We created an after-party at Tommy's. I stayed until midnight getting a ride home from Matt & Sam. Then on Sunday morning we headed to brunch hosted at the home of friends of the family. Joshua, by the way, had fun at the reception and brunch, although he came down with a cold on Saturday which got worse by Sunday.

Speaking of which, his breathing became short and wheezing yesterday morning so I took him to the pediatrician's as a precaution. It seems that every chest cold has the likelihood to cause difficulty breathing so we got a nebulizer to keep at home and plenty of Xopenex. Now we can take care of his breathing problems without running to the doctor's or going to the E.R. The pediatrician suspects Josh will out grow this. I certainly hope this is true.

I was a whooping 3 days late on my period but started it this morning. So I'll be drinking an ale on Friday when I go out with other moms. I can tell that actively trying is going to make me crazy. Being late on my period made me hopeful and full of mixed emotions. Feeling grumbles in my stomach (probably from gas) gave the illusion of something greater. I guess we'll just have to try, try again!

Oh, and PMS is full force now. confused



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