It’s a marathon blog!!

Josh is still sleeping- YES, seeping in at :9:40am. Wake him!? Yeck, no! I had breakfast, tea, watched my news, checked emails, made his breakfast, filled his milk & juice cups, got dressed… It’s amazing what all I can do in the small amount of time of peace.

I’m making preparations to go to Lubbock again this weekend with Josh, sans Rusty. He’s staying behind to work and relax on the weekend. I’m sure he’ll enjoy the house to himself initially but he’ll miss us! I’m going to try a daring act of driving the majority of the way in the daytime instead of after dark. I’m hoping he’ll be better with this idea than when he was younger. If the idea is a total flop, I’ll leave Sunday night.

The other day Rusty came home from work. Josh greeted him at the childproof gate by the back door to the garage. Rusty said “Well hi!” to Josh, then Josh replied “Hi”.
We were shocked! Josh has begun to say a few words but nothing with any regularity. Occasionally he’ll ask for ‘muh-muh’ meaning me, or ‘da-da’ meaning lots of things not me. I held him up to see what we were cooking and told him it was hot. “Hot Josh, this is hot.” He repeated ‘hah’. He’s also practicing inflection. I often ask him “where is it?” when we play peek-a-boo with objects. After throwing a toy and putting his hands up as if asking a question, I’ve heard him say ‘ah-eaih-eh?’ He makes the same sound of asking the question.

Rusty and I had discussions last weekend about future plans I general. We both want to move to a Blue state. We both want to renovate our house to be more interesting and comfortable. But we’re a bit at odds about having a second baby. I want one sooner rather than later. My worry is that we would decide a couple or few years from now to have a second and then the kids will be further apart in age and I will be further from a prime age for childbearing. His worry is that another child will take up more space in the home than we comfortably have room for right now. [For those who have not seen our house, we have three bedrooms, two baths. One of the small bedrooms serves as a computer room where Rusty keeps his servers, computer equipment, and occasionally works from home.] Making room for a baby in that room would entail moving computers to the common area (i.e. dining room/ front room) or keeping baby in the common area at nights. We haven’t figured out how to make this work yet, but we’re talking about it. Which is an excellent first step.

Dang! The boy is still sleeping! It’s 10am. We have to play at the park, clean out my car, get some groceries, paint a pumpkin or two (me, not him). Now I’m worried he’ll be up all day without a nap. Which wouldn’t be so bad come to think of it. Now that I have my leisurely obligations out of the way, I could tolerate a full day without break. This may be an experiment on how to wear out a Sarah!



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