The downtime will be a mixed blessing. There are things I want to do and need to do that require my attention and time (such as planning Josh's birthday party and preparing to move our house) that I might have otherwise shoved aside or hurried through as a chore. Other things I can do now is: 1. find another part-time gig for a few months, 2. do the crafty fartsy things that will save us money later on (such as curtains for the new baby's room and homemade gifts for the holidays), 3. learn a new skill (photography classes might be fun or piano lessons), 4. volunteer in the community, or 5. do all those little inane things I always find an excuse to not do, like organize my sock drawer.

But secretly I was hoping to keep busy and make some extra cash on the side. I want to keep Josh in school since I know he's learning new things everyday and needs the socialization. We're trying to budget the cost of keeping him in daycare without my income to make it work comfortably for us.



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