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Vacations are never long enough. We left Vancouver early Sunday morning even though we only had about 3 hours of sleep. The flight was uneventful but the security check was brutal. We got searched twice and I ended up losing my Swiss Army card. You'll notice I left US borders with it but got stopped by the Canadians. It tells me the US security is still lacking despite all the rules and waiting.

Matt & Oana's wedding was- interesting. They had crowns, four foot long candles, played ring around the alter, the paparazzi showed up from within those attending, and the service went in and out of Romanian and English. There was never a dull moment. According to the priest, Oana is supposed to have lots of babies now. We didn’t have any magicians or performing bears or jugglers, but it was entertaining enough.

A small group of us made our way by foot and train from the church to downtown Vancouver. The idea was to take a train then hop on a bus to get to the pier. The bus never showed up. After we waited like 30 minutes, we gave up and hailed two cabs. A round of drinks then we boarded the cruise ship. I must say, there is nothing quite as memorable as a reception on a cruise ship. We circled the bay, went around what I think was Stanley Park, twice. There was dancing, cake, drinking, stories, just an all around great time! And no one was able to sneak away early.

After the reception most of us (Rob, Weyandt, Peck, Steve Bergman, Lee & Barb, Kelley, Inger, Rusty & I and Spencer & Laura- Matt's brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law) hung out at the bar at the Pan Pacific Hotel. Well, we didn't go straight there. We got directions from Matt as he was leaving with Oana which got us miserably lost. We walked in circles, whined, bitched about the cold until Lee, Barb & Weyandt found was wandering the streets looking for some place called The Mill- which turned out to closed. The stupid things we do for a drink! By the time we FINALLY got to the bar, we were beyond exhausted.

Highlights from the trip:
* Sleeping through the night, minus the few times I woke up from leg cramps
* Eating tasty, cheap sushi with two Matts, Steve and Rusty for lunch on Thursday
* Hearing Weyandt belt out "I'm so ronery" after hearing Rusty was alone looking for everyone
* Being harassed by the waitress at the Elbow Room
* Translating the sung response in the wedding ceremony from "ameen" to "rock on"
* Cajoling with friends at every opportunity
* Having the freedom to get around on my own schedule and not my son's :-)

Don't get me wrong- I was very happy to see Josh again Sunday afternoon. But I didn't worry about him for a minute and enjoyed the break like it was the last. I believe it made me a better mom today. I was eager to play with him and patient when he was crabby.

Lastly, there are pictures being thrown up on Flickr. Some are ones I took, some not. I have more to upload but not tonight.



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