It's a neat feeling to wake up in one country then go to sleep in another. (I say that like it's common for me!) We leave for Vancouver, BC this afternoon. We're 90% packed, the house is mostly clean, the child is at school with a duffel bag packed for his weekend with the grandparents, and travel plans are all confirmed. For once, I get to relax before traveling instead of scrambling to do everything at the last minute. Ask Rusty- he'll tell you I'm usually a total basket-case before trips. Not this time!!

I'm chowing down on a cup of ice-cream. Monday was rough for me. I'm not sure if I had a 24 hour stomach virus or ate something bad but most of Monday and half of yesterday I couldn't keep anything down, felt nauseous, I was weak and tired. Finally yesterday around 4:30p hunger overcame my unsettled stomach so I scarfed down fried chicken for dinner. I was worried the grease might set bad but I had a craving for fried chicken that I just could not ignore. Yum! I felt better and now I'm on a mission to make up the calories I didn't eat Monday and Tuesday. I'll need to eat well on vacation to compensate for all the walking and activity I expect to do.

Josh went back to the pediatric pulmonologist yesterday. He's better but still needs inhalers twice a day. The goal is to have him sleeping better at night (not waking up coughing) and to reduce the coughing at play and when drinking. Once his coughing and breathing is under control we can back off of the inhalers and use them on an as needed basis. I truly hope he outgrows this. Time will tell.



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