Elliot can now sit up- yay!! I've been waiting for this milestone. The plan is to start potty training Josh next weekend. I theorize that it will be easier to help Josh and clean up if Elliot can sit and entertain himself for a moment. I'll keep you posted on that next weekend.

Josh has become a tattle-tell. He tells on his brother all the time. Mommy, look at "Adderate". He's touching me. He's kicking. He's making noise. He's got my toy. I'm sure this is only the beginning of years of tattling to come.

I took Josh to play at a nearby McDonald's for lunch. It's too hot to be outside with Elliot with no shade or water to play in. Josh befriended a 6-year-old boy there. While they played chase in the tunnels, the dad made conversation with me briefly. He first inquired about my sons' ages and asked if that was a lot of work. "I assume you have help," he said. He was asking if I was married. It was a fair question (I haven't worn a ring in 5-6 years) though it threw me for a moment. I replied that my house has way too much testosterone sometimes. Apparently he's a new single dad. We talked about boy stuff for a little bit: obsession about vehicles, mud, their energy, toys. I got Josh to sit down for a few bites of lunch between playing hide-n-seek in the tunnels and somewhere in that time the dad got a call to read a letter he'd written to his ex-wife. I'm talking about pages and pages of a letter in a legal pad. It took him nearly ten minutes to read it all! I tried not to look like I was eavesdropping because it's hard not to listen when he's sitting right next to me! I didn't catch any juicy details but I did feel sorry for the guy. My dad raised me for a few years on his own and I can imagine that was tough. Here's a double standard: if this had been a single mom, I would have offered to exchange numbers so the boys could play together again giving her an outlet for friendship and support. But because it was a dad, a single and looking dad, I had to let him go it alone. When we left, Josh and his friend said good-bye like ten times while I said good-bye to the dad hoping to myself that he would end up okay after this divorce.



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