We measured Joshua's height this evening. He's a little over 38" tall. That's 3 inches from last year. Afterwards, he wanted to measure Daddy so Josh told Rusty to hold one end while we looked at the numbers on bottom. It measured 84" because Rusty was holding his arm up high, the cheat. Next it was my turn. Rusty helped Josh look at numbers on the floor.
"What's that say?" Rusty wanted Josh to read the numbers. Josh huffed a second then said,
"It say mommy tall!"

- - - - -

In other news, I've prematurely started Elliot on jarred carrots. I say prematurely because I didn't finish introducing the grains, like rice cereal and mixed grains cereal. I was hoping a new flavor, something tasty, would inspire him to open wide. Uh no. He's still very stubborn about eating solid foods. Maybe this is the kind of kid who needs to start with fruits first then graduate to veggies.

Speaking of fruits, has ayone else noticed that apples aren't as flavorful as they used to be? I got apples from the grocery store last week (Wal-Mart, non-organice, Red Delicious) but half way through one of them I was totally bored. It didn't have an apple smell, it wasn't sweet, the inside had no flavor at all. It was bleh. I'm testing a theory that it's grown overly processed. I took the boys to Whole Foods to buy a couple of organic Red Delicious apples. Same size, same color, but the organic smells WONDERFUL! Problem is, it's hard to buy organic when we're trying to be frugal. Correction: I'm trying to be frugal, not necessarily we. Anyway, organic fruit (apples anyway) may be one of those items I'll have to spend extra on because it's totally worth the extra buck. We buy some things organic already (I buy organic/chemical free meat) or foods that are close enough to organic. Milk from Braum's comes from cows without growth hormones or antibiotics and the company owns their cows so they regulate what to feed them, although they don't label the milk as organic.



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