Elliot got baptized last Saturday evening at our church. He was so adorable in his white outfit. I took the extra precautions to avoid any messes by putting a vinyl cover over his diaper and a bib on at all times except when he was up front. I don't have any pictures to share yet. He was a charm to the congregation smiling at everyone. Joshua was handsome and well behaved too. We talked about how to behave at church on our way there. He was so well behave! He didn't run, talk loud or have a fit. He sat next to us at the front then went with older kids half way through. I was so worried Elliot would need to be fed or would fuss but he didn't. He just chilled out in Rusty's arms at the back. After the service everyone in our group came to our house for sandwiches, cake and refreshments.

One odd thing- Joshua didn't nap that day like I hoped he would so by 7pm, just after we got home he told us he wanted to sleep, to make room dark and make it quiet. He then slept for twelve and a half hours! In his church clothes even. In ultimate laziness, we just let him stay in those clothes the next day.

Mother's Day was relaxing. For me. Rusty and Josh cleaned out my car inside and out, which took nearly all day. Normally I'd ask what I can do to help, but not that day! I napped when Elliot napped, ate a good breakfast that Rusty made (and cleaned up) and watched TV or read my book between child caring. I was hoping Rusty would have taken both kids out for a little bit but the timing didn't work out for that to happen.

Today we celebrated Vincent's third birthday. He's been Josh's buddy since they were babies. I can't believe how much these guys have grown up! I have to see pictures of Josh as a baby to remember those days. And in just the past few weeks he's gotten a new language explosion. Now he tells us things more articulately and jabbers on about whatever comes to mind. After I read his books and turned off his light for bedtime tonight he told me "Thank you for going on a walk with me." We walked around the neighborhood after dinner.
"Thank you for talking to me." I like talking to you Josh.
"Thank you for talking to Daddy." I like talking to Daddy too.
"I'm tired now. Are you tired too Mommy?" Yes, I'm really tired. It's almost my bedtime too.
Within thirty minutes, he was fast asleep.

In other news, Rusty seems to have honed in on his hand shaking problem. It appears to be related to a thiamine deficiency (that's the B vitamins) due in part to his body's inability to absorb it. After drinking a glass or three of alcohol every night for years, his body lacks thiamine to the point that it's causing him neurodegeneration in his arms. We never gave it a name but his nightly night-caps had the appearance of alcoholism. I've been very sensitive to this subject (those in my family know why) so I have a hard time articulating how much I detest chronic drinking. After a couple of doctors tried (and failed) to correctly diagnose his arm shaking problem, Rusty took the issue into his own hands (pun!) doing research. He came up with a theory, ran it by our family doctor then got a few prescriptions to treat his problems. He's on a new beta blocker for the nerves, an anti-depressant for stress (that one's temporary) and Antabuse to stop his drinking. That one is powerful stuff. If he drinks alcohol, he'll vomit. And the drug's effects stay in the system for weeks after he stops taking it, so he can't skip taking it for an occasional drink. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully it will help with his shaking and improve his overall health.



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