Here's the progress of one week:

  1. the cardiologist to write up a letter - I have the report she sent the FAA (not a letter but maybe it will do)
  2. copies of my physician's notes about my muscle strain in February - got it
  3. copies of "doc in the box" notes about said muscle strain in February - got it
  4. fasting blood lab work - getting it tomorrow
  5. a letter from me stating (again) that I had 2 instances of fainting and I am healthy - got it
  6. a tilt table test with a cardiologist report on the results - I found the researchers who did a tilt table test on me in the past. I'm hopeful this will be sufficient enough. I'm waiting to know from the Super if that's the case. I gave the researcher's information to the AME so my job for this task is done until he advises differently.
That's all the update. I've been studying the PHAK. Sort of. And wishing I could fly. I've also taken to drinking wine in the evening more frequently and junking out. That's what I do when I'm bummed.

Joshua is excited to start first grade in ~12 days. He's begun reading one book at bedtime just about every night this week and last. His favorite series is the Pig and Elephant books. He's also big into Captain Underpants. I've read the first 2 in that series and he's itching for more.

Elliot is excited about bunnies at his school. They're cute little bunnies in cages. Sad really, being caged up to amuse children.




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