I took Josh to see a pediatric pulmonologist this afternoon. Josh has been hacking and coughing for weeks (months really) so we decided we should get this checked out. It helps that the doctor knows Anne, Josh's grandmother (Rusty's mom), and knows her health history in regards to asthma. Although Josh isn't officially diagnosed as having asthma (yet) we are going to try inhalers to see if it helps. If it does, he'll be on inhalers twice a day until the problem goes away. If it doesn't help, we'll rule out asthma and consider other problems like sinuses or who knows. Secretly I hope it clears up and just goes away. I dread having an asthmatic child. I don't want to worry about him losing his breath at play. But we'll see how this turns out. Chest x-rays are next week and we go back to the doctor right before our Vancouver trip.




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