When Josh sees cars passing on the busy street at the end of our neighborhood, he says "zchoom! zchoom!" That's about what this last week has felt like for me. Quickie:

Trip to Corpus went well. josh enjoyed playing in the sand at the beach and LOVED running around the 4 aces at my grandmother's house. (They have 2 horses and a mule.)

Upon returning, I worked around the house for most of Monday making everything as spotless and picture as possible.

We put our house on the market Tuesday afternoon. By today, Wednesday, we had three showings and already one offer to buy the house. We're going to consider the offer tonight.

I had a appointment with the midwife on Tuesday morning and we heard the heartbeat for the first time (just barely). I tend to have evening sickness instead of morning sickness which means I feel nauseous around dinner time and don't want to eat and don't want to do much and yet find I'm short of breath. But that's all manageable compared to the first pregnancy.

There are other things to talk about ut that has to wait. I have a house offer to consider. :-)




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