We got a buyer! (yay!!) After a minor price negotiation, we will be selling the house to an older Russian couple. We'll do paperwork this weekend to finalize the deal.

In other news, I have an appointment to take Josh to see a pediatric pulmonologist in two weeks. We're concerned about his breathing. Actually, his breathing is fine it's his coughing. After he runs around, he goes into a coughing fit. We're concerned he's developing asthma or something related. I'm hoping we can get a better diagnosis and ways to treat it. Or at least get educated on what's going on and when to be concerned.

I've changed my eating habits to accommodate my nausea in the evenings. Instead of eating a full meal at dinner, I'm eating a larger late lunch and breakfast and then snacking for dinner. It seems to help. Speaking of which, some chocolate cake sounds yummy right about now! :-)




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