whooooosh! That's what life feels like lately.

Today the buyers have an inspector going through our home. They picked a rotten time though- 8:30am. This morning we were scrambling to clean up and get ourselves (and Josh) of the house on time. I wish they'd made a mid-day time so I could eat breakfast at home and take my time cleaning up. At least he'll be done early.

I'm hanging out at Java & Cha now trying to enjoy a tae (it's too sweet) and passing time until Dan is ready for me to work on his website some more. I'm at a point where I can't do much without his input on content and credit card for images to put online.

Yesterday was rainy and cold. I took advantage of the weather by taking a nap around lunch time and working in front of the TV, which I rarely do. I felt a bit queasy around late morning so I decided I needed to lay down. That was the beginning of my day as Slacker. I didn't clean the house perfectly as I moved about and only worked during commercial breaks. It felt good to finally have a ME day.

For anyone who hasn't witnessed the eccentricities of Plano, TX, I have an example to share of why I am so not pat of the Plano culture. Last week I was on the phone in the parking lot of Josh's school. I wanted to schedule his appointment for a pediatric pulmonologist before going in to get him. While I was on the line, a Lexus SUV pulls beside me parked in the handicap spot. The mom hops out and goes inside. My first thought was "Hey, you're not handicapped and I don't see a sticker!" Whatever. I go inside, get kid and head back to the car. The mom is buckling in her 2 year old daughter now. As I'm putting Josh into his own seat, I overhear her say "Time for Barney! Let's play Barney!" I glance at her as she's fastening a mobile DVD player to the back of her headrest and presses Play. I'm thinking, "What, you live so far away you have to entertain your child with a show on the way home?" What ever happened to listening to music, singing, talking or just watching the world go by? Her child is being raised to expect entertainment rather than self reflection and observation of her world. I could totally justify a portable DVD player on a long road trip (like to Colorado from Dallas which takes all day) but not on a regular basis. Hell, I feel guilty letting Josh watching TV at home for more than 20 minutes. On past road trips, he did just fine playing with toys in the back, watching the scenery and interacting with Rusty or me. It's too easy for me to judge this mom. Even if her child is a demon without her beloved Barney show, the mom still shouldn't have parked in a handicap spot. I just don't related to the likes of her.




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