It's been unusually quiet today. Elliot had his two month pediatrician appointment yesterday. He's 13 lbs., 23.5 inches tall, both in the 95th percentile. He also got 5 vaccine shots including his first DTaP. Since then, he's been sleepy.

With my extra time today, I've cleaned the kitchen, swept the floors, tidied the living area, put away laundry and gotten dinner started. I also ran a couple errands. While I've enjoyed this freeing day, I'm a little nervous that he'll be up all night or early morning.

This week we invested in humidifiers. One for the boys' rooms (a cute frog shape) and one for our room/other rooms. The purchase was initially motivated by Elliot's stuffy nose. But then Rusty felt a humidifier would help him breathe better, thus snore less. The verdict's still out on that one.

The plan is to have Josh home with me two week days starting February. By then I hope Elliot will be on a more predictable sleeping pattern. I know some of Josh's play buddies miss him so I look forward to taking him out to play dates and play places. Most likely he'll be home Mondays and Fridays.

I hear baby noises- I guess Elliot's waking up.



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