My inner zombie was giggling this morning at the beginning of a brain development class called Parents with Purpose. Instructor Donna Bateman, super-mom of eight, learned everything a parent needs to know about brain development and how to squeeze every bit of opportunity from a normal healthy child and how to improve an injured brain through simple sensory exposure and therapy. It was very enlightening though Elliot distracted me through a decent portion of it. I was fortunate to attend pro bono as a baby gift (Thanks!!) and to bring Elliot with me. I expected to leave half way though but somehow managed to feed, burp, change and nap him while still plugging into what Donna was saying. The only thing I issed was something about autism and a leaking gut?? Anyway, the class right now is a bit of a blur to me because I'm totally exhausted (my cerebral hurts!) but the jist is that the brain is an upside-down funnel where functionality from one region leads to functionality in another which eventually leads to good good decision making, critical thinking, retention of brain cells and, what every parent covets, a well rounded, intelligent healthy child. So what will I get out of this? Nothing if I don't get sleep and then review the notes. Not really. This will help me appreciate what Joshua and Elliot are going through at various stages and to enhance their skills where possible. For example, I can begin now to teach Josh to read by making a few changes to how the print and pictures are laid out. I can applaud his accomplishments in finger painting, counting, singing and story telling. (Well, he's not telling us stories yet so we gotta work on that.) The only thing I would change about the class today would be to have Rusty present with me. At least I have notes and can email Donna with questions later on.

I really need to sleep. Night y'all!



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