Joshua is still not using the potty at home, but uses it at school "oh, all the time", according to his teacher. I decided to try something last night. After I took off his messy diaper I left him in boxer shorts without a diaper. My rationale was that we'd talk about the potty and offer for him to go and maybe he'd feel the urge to go there instead of pee on himself. Uh no. He peed on the sofa. Right in front of us. Back to the drawing board...

Later in the evening I inspired him to brush his own teeth without a tantrum. Usually he resists teeth brushing by running around, running away, changing the subject or whining. I got out my brush with a pee size amount of paste on it and asked him to help me brush my teeth. He was delighted at the opportunity although he made a mess. I got paste on my cheeks, chin, nose- all over. Afterwards he happily opened up to brush his teeth and let me help him.

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