I hate having a cold while breastfeeding. Even the smallest sneeze can disrupt a calmly nursing baby. Joshua & I both sound like old smokers this morning with all the hacking and coughing.

Rusty attended a class on parenting the willful child yesterday evening. Yes, we have a willful child, but he's not the worst case imaginable- far from it. The key lesson from last night is to view the willful attributes as a positive. For example:

argumentative means he can defend his ideas, he has an opinion
stubborn means he's determined and persistent
whining means he's able to express himself
talking back means he's assertive

Most of the willful attributes are also characteristics of leaders. So far, we're doing a lot of the right things as far as parenting tactics.


Moofie said...

You? And Rusty? Have a willful child? What a stunning revelation that is! : )

I'm pretty sure that Barb and I will benefit from your experience when we get to that stage. Because we both do willful.


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