I ventured out to Peppermint Baby Boutique this morning. They had a grand opening event with classes and showed The Business of Being Born. I skipped the movie (though if I'd had time I would have seen it again) and sat in a baby wearing class. Most of the moms in the class were first-time pregnant. I was glad to see how the Mobi wrap works and the Mei Tai. I got a Fairy Godmother sling a while back and I think Elliot is nearly old enough to sit in it. Ultimately I want something to support him on my hip. He's not ready for that yet. Luckily they do baby wearing classes on the weekends so I'll go back in a month or so to get practice.

Josh's new thing: he waves his arms up and down and chants "Look at me! Look at me!" He says this even when we're standing or sitting right next to him. He's so proud of his accomplishments like making a toy work.

In other Josh news, I got another glimpse into his dreams recently. After a nap on Friday he told me he was going to "fix it the firetruck". Earlier that week he was talking in his sleep saying "no want it shower". I guess he was dreaming about his bedtime routine in protest. I helped him find his puppy and tucked him into bed.

Elliot is beginning to roll onto his back to sleep at night as well as staying on his tummy. He's fattening up nicely and rounding out. He's working on putting his hands together while they're extended. I put things in front of him to encourage him to reach for them (he hasn't yet) and I've put toys in his hands to give him something new to slobber on and practice holding.

Last bit of news... My dad left Lubbock last week for Denver/Co. Springs. After a drinking binge during his stay at my mom's, he her that he hadn't been feeling well lately but that the symptoms disappeared when he drank. One day he told her he was going back to CO to see his doctor and the next morning he was gone. We haven't heard from him since. I've been calling his cell phone every day leaving a message for him to call me b/c I'm worried about him. One of several scenarios are possible:
a) He saw his doctor, is fine and went on about his life forgetting to check his phone
b) He's fine and lost his phone
c) He's not doing well and can't check his phone or call me
d) He didn't make it home
e) He made it home and has some reason he's not calling me back

Add to the stress of his health, he supposedly mailed an inheritance check last week- but it hasn't arrived. I have no idea if he put the right address or a good return address on the envelope. I hope dearly that he either spent it himself or it got returned to him in the mail somehow. I'd hate for it to end up in someone else's account.


Rhea said...

Your kids are adorable!

I was doing a search on bloggers in the Dallas area and yours is one that came up. I love north of Dallas in the suburbs but am new to the area. I just moved here from Austin.

Anyway, loved your blog and will probably keep checking in from time to time.


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