I shopped at Macy's today. My experience was disappointing to say the least. I was shopping for one thing: a chambray denim skirt by Style & Co. Super cute! So I walk into the store and ask a rep where I might find a denim skirt. "What brand is it?" I had no idea. I just knew what it looked like and that Macy's sold it. I asked if they had a computer terminal or access to their website. The lady smiled nicely as if to say, yeah right. "No, we don't." She was no help. I walked around thinking maybe I'll spot it. I asked a rep in a denim area if she had any denim skirts. She held up one that wasn't what I was looking for then said "That's all we have, sorry." She too was no help. I wasn't ready to give up yet, I really want this skirt! I called Rusty to look up the brand for me. Another rep pointed me to the section of the store where that brand was displayed. You see, I had no idea going in that the store was laid out by brands. And the reps assigned to each area had no idea what the other sections sold. So I find the skirt but it's twice the size I need. I wear a six and their sizes started at twelve. In fact, they had 20 skirts, all plus sized. I asked another rep if there was maybe a skirt my size in another area or another store. His computer said there was one in stock but he couldn't find it. He checked all the malls nearby and none of them had my size either. At least he tried to help! This was sucking by now. Fine! I'll go home and order it via the website. So I find it online, click click click to check out then notice the tax price crept up every page I went towards checkout. It started at $2.40 tax, then $3.30 then $4.40. That's not cool. So I called the customer service line to have the tax adjusted. The lady couldn't explain why the tax would keep changing. She said something about an approximation but that doesn't really answer why. I started out hoping to just grab the skirt from the store while I was out but ended up defending the price, paying shipping and now waiting a week for it to arrive. And if it doesn't fit right?- Lord I hope it does! I wish Macy's had computers in their store where a customer could find an item and even purchase it on the spot. I also wish their sales people in stores were a bit more sympathetic to the customer who isn't a pro at the store layout. Next time, I'll consider a different store to shop at to save some time and aggravation.




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