I saw Juno- and loved it! I want the sound track (I'm fairly sure I heard Cat Power there somewhere). I almost cried when the mom held the new baby- as if I've never seen a baby before! It was a great film and I'm glad I took the time to see it!

Plus I saw a mom I used to work with there and she was with a mom I know from a mom's group. As I was blah blahing about the past with her, I kept glancing at her friend thinking- I know you, I know you but I can't place the name or the place... Then I said it out loud! "I keep looking at you like I know you..." It was Adrianne whom I've seen several times and even emailed not even a week ago! To say I was embarrassed is a HUGE understatement. On the drive home, I was beating myself up for blanking on her face. I think I know too many people! My brain is stretched thin from people I've met: friends, acquaintances from parties, friends/significant others' of friends, their children!, people from work long ago, people I bump into, moms from moms groups and their baby/ies, coworkers from Rusty's office, neighbors, doctors, clients, friends of my in-laws I've met, and just people I know from here and there. Even the nail lady next door to Joshua's school knows me! By name!! And I don't know hers. I barely remember who she is when I see her at the store across the street and she waves at me and says "How are you?" and knows I have a son in school and a baby and that I like flowers painted on my big toe.


I fully intend to keep up with everyone I now know as best as I can and hopefully those who lose contact with me will fade into the gray mess in the back of my brain leaving fresh neurons for those who matter most. Like poor Adrianne and her son- what's his name?- Gannon, who is one and big compared to Elliot and a cute little guy and has a grandma from- crap- somewhere up north. *sigh* To make matters worse, a handful of moms I know are having second or third babies and I feel obligated to remember those names (because they remember Elliot's) and try to keep up with how old they and their sibs are even though it's all. a moving. target.

I used to be better at this. I used to say, "I know I met you at Tommy's, but what's your name?" or "I don't remember your name but I know you from- blah". But today was a blank - a doodle pad with the magnetic arm sliding up and down.



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