I posted this to a message board today. The question was, "What does your husband do that annoys you the most?"

My husband, Rusty, does a handful of annoying things, but he also does a ton of great things, like cooking, cleaning house and fixing stuff. So before I nag, he's great to have around!

Here's what bugs me: he smokes, he snores loudly, he calls me then doesn't have time to talk or is distracted by work, he likes to be home (whereas I like to be out), he leaves his drinking glass on the floor at night which makes it prone to spills, he blows his nose loudly, and he repeats himself a lot.

I promise you, for everything that bugs me about him, I do something that bugs the crap out of him. Like me leaving piles of clothes on the floor next to the bed (ahem).

Josh has a minor cold today. His nose is running and stuffy. So far no coughing. Despite this, we took him to his first parade, the St. Patrick's Day parade on Greenville. He lasted most of the parade then got bored near the end. Elliot didn't have as much fun- he mostly slobbered on my shoulder and sucked his fingers and fist. The best part was having both boys fall asleep on the drive home.




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