Josh has a hard time pronouncing the 'L' sound, sometimes. He'll say things like, "I wose it" for lose. He doesn't say "Elliot", he says "Adderit". However, he does say ladder correctly and some other 'L' words: ladybug, listen, look-at-me! and lay down.

I'm hosting a play date tomorrow for moms with babies. It's the first time hosting with only Elliot. I opened my home to several moms in a local group but only three so far are expected to come. I think I'm too far west for most of the members. Everyone seems to live in McKinney or Frisco or Allen, sometimes taking 30 minutes of driving. I don't blame many of them for not wanting to come to my house, although I do make the occasional effort to go to their homes in wherever. I'm still looking for a group that's close to home, active and with children close to Josh and/or Elliot's age. I'm sure I'll find one eventually.


Jennifer Bensley said...

I felt it was worth the drive for the play date. I really enjoyed myself! Thanks again for the the movie info. I wish I could have seen it at Peppermint (btw, it's really close to where I live).



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