What's in a day with a baby and a toddler? I recorded my day with most times as close approximations rounded up or down. I barely got any sleep the night before so my precious cup of black tea kept me going most of the day. Despite my efforts, Josh skipped his nap. At least he slept later than usual.

7:15 Elliot's up, I change his diaper
7:20 wake up Rusty, go downstairs
7:30 eat breakfast, watch news, check email
8:00 10 min. shower
8:20 check on Josh who is sleeping late
8:40 Josh wakes up
8:45 serve Josh his breakfast, switch from news to Sesame Street
9:00 nurse Elliot
9:20 Elliot takes a nap
9:30 I get dressed and dress Josh
10:00 I pack the diaper bag and prepare to leave
10:10 Elliot wakes up, I nurse him again
10:30 we leave for the mall
10:45-12:30 Josh plays at the mall then has a snack
12:50 back home, I serve/eat lunch and put on Shrek
1:15 Elliot wakes up, nurses
1:50 nurse Elliot again
2:00 clean up lunch mess
2:10 check email
2:30 change Josh's diaper, begin nap routine
2:40 get Josh into bed for nap, entertain Elliot
3:15 I give up on Josh's nap, he goes downstairs to play
3:30 Josh has a snack, Elliot begins a nap
3:50-5:15 play at a neighbor's house (6 moms, 10 kids), Elliot wakes and nurses during the playdate
5:20 home again
5:25 Rusty comes home
5:45 I begin making dinner for Josh & I
6:15 Rusty leaves for evening class, I clean up some dinner mess
6:35 nurse Elliot, he falls asleep
6:45 usher Josh upstairs to change his diaper and take a bath
6:55-7:15 bath time for everyone*
7:15 Elliot gets dry diaper and pajamas while Josh plays in the tub
7:20 Josh gets yanked out of the bath and goes into immediate time-out**
7:22 time-out ends, Josh gets diaper & pajamas
7:25 go downstairs, I serve a snack to Josh then nurse Elliot
7:35 Elliot falls asleep
7:45 clean up from snack
7:55 TV off, Josh & I brush our teeth
8:10 Josh & I go upstairs to read books before bedtime
8:40 Rusty comes home during the last book
8:45 lights out, Josh falls asleep quickly
9:15-10:15 Rusty & I talk about the day and go over notes from his class
10:20 I pick up some more then go upstairs for bedtime
10:45 I'm out!

* Josh wanted me to get in the tub too. I surprised him by doing just that. I sat in the tub in my underwear and bra. After a few minutes, I decided to include Elliot. He enjoyed sharing his bath with big brother and mommy.

** We have a rule: don't drink the bath water! Josh was busted drinking bath water from an empty shampoo bottle.




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