Josh's 3rd birthday was a hit! We had a good turn out- 11 kids, and their parents. The kids made their own mini pizzas, bounced on the bouncy house outside, ran around, there was running, swinging, screaming (the happy kind), playing and toys scattered EVERYWHERE! It was crazy. But a good crazy. Josh loved his cake, loved opening his presents and was thrilled to see so many of his friends over to play. Logistically, I ran out of cups for the kids to drink out of and almost ran out soda and juice, but food wise I over compensated for the cake (too much).

There's a new show on Animal Planet that I love to watch. Creature Comforts is created by the same people who created Wallace & Gromit. People are interviewed and asked to speak about various topics. Their voices are then set to animated clay creatures. Bickering couples become bugs, birds, cats or dogs, friends become a group of animals, and kids are represented as baby or young animals. Anyway, the show is highly comical and relatively family friendly if your kids don't follow adult conversations well.



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