Argh! He's driving me nuts!

Sorry, I couldn't resist the reference to a pirate joke!

In all seriousness, Josh has been getting into trouble lately for 1) running away when he's called and 2) for refusing to do something we've asked him to do. The running away thing is easy to discipline: immediate time-out. I don't want this behavior played out at a crowded place, store or parking lot. But the refusal to do things is a bit trickier...

Here's an example. I asked him to go to the bathroom after his lunch. He said "I don't wanna to go" in a whiny voice. I told him he needs to go, it's time, go now please. "But I don't need to" he persists. I give in and tell him he has three more minutes then he has to go. Guess what happens next. No really- guess!

Yep! He pees in his shorts at the table!! I was foolish enough to let him dictate. He said he didn't need to go. I respect that he may have been telling me the truth because maybe at that exact moment he didn't need to go or maybe he had already gone and I didn't know it yet. I keep thinking that I need to give him an opportunity to prove that he can take himself to the bathroom when he needs to go without me telling him to do it. So far his batting average is horrible. So that's where I'm stuck. If I give in to his whining he pees in his pants. If I don't then it's a battle of the wills. And this resistance extends into everything! Putting on shoes, getting into the car, bath time, putting toys away. I respect when he says he doesn't want to do something then remind him he still needs to do it anyway. Here's what it sounds like:

Josh, please get in the car so we can go.
I don't want to.
Josh, please get into the car now.
Is that the wire for the e'ctricity?
Yes it is, now get in the car! Right now.
No! I don't want to!
Josh get in the car now or you can sit in time-out. Which do you want?
I don't want time-out.
Then get in the car!

wow, that's painfully accurate.

After a day of battles I feel beat!



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