It's all the buzz. Last night's historical election and Obama's win for the White House renews my faith in democracy. I'm glad the guy I supported not only won but won by a large margin. I am interested to see well he does in office and anxious for all the changes he's been promising this year.

In other news, Elliot is growing a new tooth on the bottom row. It was making him exceptionally cranky so I gave him a bit of Tylenol and a teething ring from the freezer. That and some more breakfast made him a much happier baby! He's not walking yet but I've seen make a few lunges for things just out of reach.

The weather is shifting blowing in humidity, clouds, and cooler temps tomorrow. But it's still very pleasant weather. I'm walking at least a mile each day (yesterday I walked 2 miles) pushing the stroller or pulling the wagon. I'll keep this up until it's too chilly.



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