It's official- Elliot has taken a few steps today. Right now only two or three before he either plops down to the floor or lands safely onto whatever support he was aiming for. I won't say he's walking yet but that he's taken steps towards it. (yes, that pun was for you!)

More Josh quotes:
Rusty: "Do you want a bath with bubbles?"
Josh: "No, I want a bath with water."

Josh: "Daddy, say no to mommy."
Rusty to me in a playful tone: "Mommy, no!"
Josh: "Thank you"

It may be too chilly on Sunday to do outdoor activities for Elliot's birthday. My back up plan is to move the party inside, including the baby pool ball pit. There's plenty of room in the living room if I move a sofa back. I know what I want to get Elliot for his birthday and can't wait to just go buy it. I even have a coupon for shopping at the toy store- w00t!



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