Elliot is officially walking! He can go across the room, he practices all the time, he can pause to change directions and it's becoming his preferred mode of transportation. He also has bruises all over is head from bumping and banging into things. He needs a shirt with a pedestrian walking sign.

Yesterday evening we had a Polish invasion in our home. Rusty's family (the Polish descendant side) came over with sausage, pierogies, sauerkraut, and homemade pickles. We included potato bread, a Polish-esque cucumber salad and a cake from Henk's (a German/Polish bakery). We served 10 people: the four of us, his parents, his grandmother, his aunt & uncle, and his aunt's brother, who is also of Polish background. I was the only person without any Eastern European lineage. According to my late great-grandmother my family comes from Oklahoma. I guess we sprouted from the ground like tumbleweeds before rolling into Texas. Anyway, there was so much food we could have fed ourselves for days. Then at exactly 8 o' clock all Polish eyes tuned into the season finale of "Dancing With the Stars". Rusty and I learned our maximum capacity for feeding at our home is eight people. Luckily Elliot has his own chair and Anne was late so we didn't have a chair shortage, but in the future we know eight is our limit for a seated meal. We used every single plate, all our flatware plus some from our "nice set", every pot and pan, and a handful of wine glasses, and two rounds from the dishwasher. In the end, the kids slept solidly and we had a great time having everyone over.



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