Ah peace! Josh is asleep, Rusty is asleep, I'm not. :)

Today Josh learned 'bah'. It wasn't a clear ba-ba-ba. It was more like a jumble of mmmm and wwah to be something like mbah-mbah-wbah-wmmm-mmmm-mmmm-(he still hums)-mbah-bah-bah-mbah... Finally we have consonants! He's learned 'k' and 'b' and 'm' and 'w' and 'y'. I'm trying to teach him that our cats are kee-kaas. Why bother with details at this point? When he masters that I'll pronounce it better. So far he occasionally makes 'k' sounds when he sees our cats. Sometimes the 'k' sounds a bit like static, but close enough.

Josh is getting better at mobility. He's doing a combination of commando crawl and rolling to get somewhere. He'll get on hands and knees and rock but the doesn't know what to do next. I'm sure he'll figure it out in no time. Meanwhile I'll be baby proofing the living room a bit more. We're mostly done. Electrical wires are fastened to the wall, plants have moved, cat food has moved, electrical outlets are plugged. Once he learns crawling I'll install the cabinet locks.

Rusty annoyed me this evening. I carried my annoyance on my shoulders for nearly half an hour, then he asked what was bothering me. I said guess. And he guessed wrong four times. I had a bit of trivial information about Samuel L. Jackson that I shared: "Did you know [he] is worth $6 billion?" I thought I had the number wrong and corrected myself after looking on the-numbers.com, although the media is calling him the "six billion dollar man". Rusty didn't believe he was worth that much. I told him to look it up for himself. A silly trivial fact became a heated discussion about whether it was net worth or gross. Worth that much or paid that much. Estimated or real. What I wanted to hear from him was "oh, that's interesting" or "hmmm, I didn't know that" or "really, that much?" I wanted the satisfaction of sharing new information. Instead he wanted to challenge what I said. I explained why this was frustrating me. He wanted more information than just a quick trivial fact. He wanted to know what the number meant- net, gross, worth, etc. Suppose I was off by a billion. Rather than challenging me on this irrelevant fact without having any basis for his doubt, he'd be better off just saying- "wow, that's a lot". Because we're both only-childs we totally suck at arguments.




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