We've pretty much decided driving to Boulder, CO for a short vacation is equally stressful and costly as flying. We weighed a lot of factors: cost of travel to get there, cost of travel once there, time, convenience, limitations to the stuff we'll need to take, etc. While flying is relatively inexpensive (currently under $300) the cost of a car rental and chore of schlepping around a car seat for Josh makes flying seem real unattractive. The idea right now is to drive straight to Boulder during the night. We expect the trip to take about 12 hours or so. So if we left at 8pm, we'd be getting there in time for the sunrise. Going straight over night gives us more time in Boulder but of course will take a day for the driver to catch up on sleep. I originally thought to stop in Lubbock on the way there or back and stay the night at my mom's house then continue the next evening. Essentially breaking the travel up for easier recovery afterwards. The drawback to that is the amount of time that leaves for us to spend out of town. I'm sure we'll have a solid plan by late March.




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