Joshua pulled up to standing in his crib this evening! It was quite amazing to see it happen for the first time. Actually, I was second to see it- Rusty was first. He was entertaining Josh in his crib while I was getting his bath water ready. From across the rooms I hear "Aah! Sarah come here! He's doing it!" I assumed he meant that Josh was pooping since he didn't do that today and it seems to catch us off guard sometimes. I thought we'd have a mess, especially if Rusty had taken off the diaper in preparation for the bath... but no. Rusty sat Josh back down and he demonstrated his new trick. From sitting, he grabbed the crib rail, drooled on it and licked it while pulling, positioned his legs and up he went! This means we'll be lowering the crib again to the lowest position. The last thing I need is a baby falling out of bed. Luckily he doesn't know how to go from laying down to sitting, but I doubt this stop his efforts to stand if he put his little mind to it.

In other baby news, I've seen Josh rocking on his hands and knees more and more on the floor. Near the door. With a roar. This I swore. (sorry, couldn't resist the rhyming) Anyway- yes, he's really trying to get around. When going for something he doesn't quite pull himself along commando style but he does stretch and push with his legs. It's not as effective as crawling would be, but it's effort. He definitely sees a need for mobility and will probably figure it out soon enough.

Joshua stirs in his sleep at somewhat regular times: 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am and awake around 7:30am. Most nights he'll sleep through one of the above times without waking, but the time varies. Two nights ago he stirred at 11:15pm then nothing until 3:30am. Yesterday night he woke several times around midnight but not once at 5am. All these times vary by about 30 minutes plus or minus, but for the most part he's predictable. For now. Last night he was wailing at 3:30am. I inserted the pacifier, rocked him for a minute, tried to soothe him a little- none of this worked. He wasn't crying like he was hungry, he was just wailing. That dull cry that pauses for a moment then resumes. Sometimes I imagine I have a button under my pillow that then pressed by me laying on it initiates a signal to him to start crying. I gave up trying last night at 3:30am and just shut his door, shut our door, turned down the monitor and just let him wail. After about 20-30 minutes he finally fell back to sleep. As did I. I didn't hear a peep again until 7:30am when he was awake with the sun.




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