JC came to visit Thursday night. She spent the night with us sleeping in the computer room. I'm always a little worried Josh will wake people sleeping in the room next to his but I guess she slept fine through it all.

Friday was action packed. We started the day taking JC to her hotel where she joined friends for the South Plains Leather Fest. Josh napped in the car on the way there and half way to the moms group. We had a yoga instructor visit the group. She was ok, but I prefer my own yoga lady. She's more holistic and seems a bit more confident. Although this lady did have a few moves that were new to me. After moms group, we headed home where Josh enjoyed a nice 2.5 hour long nap. He needed it after all the playing at the moms group! I was able to catch some Zzz's too. :) That evening the three of us went to Melissa & Adam's for dinner. They made a delicious meal for us: salmon with cheese tortellini, steamed asparagus and a caramel German chocolate toffee topped cake. Whew! It was all very yummy! I gave a few pieces of salmon to Josh to go with his squash, Brussels sprouts and apples. He seemed to enjoy the fish. We all played with the babies on the floor afterwards until Josh started rubbing his eyes and clearly ready for bed. We dressed him in pajamas, packed everything and headed home. He woke up twice last night. Once around 1am and again around 6:30am.

I was up early this morning at around 7:15am. Joshua was trying to pull himself to standing in his crib from laying on his tummy. That didn't work at all and frustrated him. I decided since he was up early (it felt earlier because the house was dark from rain and I was still reeling from a dream I wanted to finish) we would go to the grocery store. Somehow we managed to eat everything in the last week. There was a bottle of lime juice, half a garlic clove and a bag of baby carrots in our crisper. That's it! And various other foods around the kitchen all needing something we didn't have in order to make it a meal item. Josh made friends with a 9 year-old girl at the store. Every time we passed near her and her dad, Josh would smile at her and bounce in his seat. She thought it was pretty neat to have a baby interested in her and waved at him.

Tonight I am off-duty a a mom starting at 5pm. I am going to Samantha Profitt's first bachelorette party (she may have another closer to her wedding date). Dinner and bar hopping sounds like way more fun than diaper changes and entertaining a 9 month-old. I'll have to stop at the coffee shop for a cappuccino on the way if I want to make it much past midnight. If I have the opportunity to crash at someone else's place, I might do that. The idea of getting more than six hours of uninterrupted sleep is extremely tempting. Since breastfeeding has become a comfort tactic for pre-dawn crying, there's nothing Rusty can't do without me. I'll let you know how that scheme goes- and if it happens!




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