Rusty has tomorrow off of work- yay! I plan to drag him to the Moms Group to meet some of the other moms and see Joshua's baby playmates. Several moms have wondered where Josh gets his blue eyes. Now they'll see where the exuberant smile and blue eyes come from!

The weather is turning cold again. We're having a 40° drop in temperature. Today was 81° with warm wind blasting from the south. I went on a walk in the park yesterday with a few moms and again today on my own. Today I took the long route (2.5 mi.) while Josh slept in the stroller. It took him forever to fall asleep but luckily I had a wind-up music box and cloth for him to lay his head on. (If he leans his head to the side of the stroller his head gets sore because there's no padding on the sides.) Once he was asleep and not screaming at me to carry him, I got a good work out. I knew the weather was going to change so I made sure to maximize my opportunity to wear sandals, get sun and connect with what little nature there is around us.

Joshua is beginning to cruise along the sofas, coffee table, ottoman, his play wall and whatever else will support him. He's commando crawling across the room, especially if he sees something he's gotta have like the remote control or a magazine. He'll still get on his hands and knees and rock, but still doesn't know what to do next. He's getting about pulling up to standing. We lack things for him to grab on to for practicing on pulling up to standing so he uses me (my arms, legs, lap, shirt...) or waits for me to hold his hands. More and more I'm holding his hands up even with his shoulder height and letting him do all the work, instead of pulling him all the way up. I also walk him across the house for exercise.

This week was exciting for one of my best friends too: Matt Musselman is engaged! I am so excited for him and his fiance. I'm also excited that we have an excuse to go to Vancouver again next year. :) This year is chuck full of weddings and engagements. One couple is pregnant and shot gunning a wedding, one couple is marrying in May, another in November, Matt's in May of 2007. That's four weddings in a little over a year! Suddenly I don't feel like the odd couple that's hitched. Hopefully no one dies any time soon.

Last note. After agonizing over the ethics and sure folly of such an act, we decided to sucker ourselves into a promotion for a free plasma TV, which turns out to be for a Samsung 42" plasma. Rusty found the ad for the promotion online. We both read the terms & conditions and tossed the idea around for a couple weeks. This week I took the plunge and entered us into the promotion. To qualify, you have to sign up for a number of their sponsors, test their products/services, and remain a member/customer for 16 weeks. I'm not sure yet if it's really worth it. Rusty seems to think it is. He's been wanting a nifty big plasma screen for a while. We figured getting some spam, spending a few hundred bucks on crap and signing up for a temporary credit card or two would be better than paying a couple thousand dollars on a new TV. Since I started the whole mess, I've felt so dirty. The feeling of knowing someone went through your dresser. Or watched you in the bathroom. I've been so conditioned not to click on banner ads, not to sign up for new credit cards, not to click on promotions on the web that after having done it over and over as part of the promotion, I just felt used. That night, after I finished their "survey" I kept tossing in my sleep replaying the hours spent filling out forms for samples of stuff, memberships for weight-loss, credit card applications. I have a bad feeling we're either going to be ripped off or we won't actually receive the TV.




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