Josh is learning to go down from standing. He figured out one technique and has been practicing it all day. He'll pull up to stand, cruise for a moment then go down. I guess we're programmed to learned through repetition starting at infancy. He's also fussy today for some reason. Not sure if he's teething (doesn't appear to be), gassy, frustrated at something... who knows. He slept well last night but napped funny. He went down for a short morning nap at 9:20, which is over an hour earlier than normal then took a short nap this afternoon. Lastly about Joshie, he's been a picky eater the last few days. He usually loves carrots, squash and meat or sweet potatoes, but the last few meals he's taken 3-4 bites then refused the rest. He'll snack on cheese an toast like nobody's business and he really enjoys yogurt. I'm wondering if he's ready for self-feeding finger foods already. This weekend I'll try green beans and something else chopped into cubes.

It's gotten cold here this week. By cold I mean under 50 degrees. Today was 48 with wind. Too cold to stroll or to a park and barely warm enough to get out. If it weren't for Josh's early nap, I probably would have stayed in all day. Instead I went to lunch with Rusty. We had sandwiches from Bakers Bros. Going out to eat with a baby takes careful second thought. First criteria: high chair. Then there's all the secondary stuff like stuff for the tike to munch on, large enough bathroom for a diaper change, customers who probably don't mind a few squeals. Tomorrow is moms group. If he goes down early for a nap again and wake up early again, I'll take him to the mall to play for a little bit.




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