Joshua got another cold this week. I think it started Wednesday night because he woke up a lot and was cranky before bed. By early morning Thursday, I could hear his stuffy nose and knew he was not feeling well. I gave him a little infant Motrin to take the edge off his fever and aches (which bought me a couple more hours of sleep) then cared for him gently all day. We went to my eye appointment and stopped by SAMCO in the afternoon. He slept in the car on the way there and back. He seemed ok by mid-afternoon but by nighttime he was really not well. He had a slight fever, watery eyes, runny nose, a dazed look, general crankiness. He didn't sleep well last night either. Rusty & I took turns soothing him probably a dozen times. By 5:15am or so he was agitated and couldn't get back to sleep so I rocked him for a bit. Having his head propped up on my shoulder helped his nose drain so he could get back to sleep. I laid down on the couch with him resting on my chest instead of putting him back in the crib. We slept for nearly two hours like that.

In lieu of Josh's cold, which is better today, we decided to give away our tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Cameo pounced on the offer. Although we probably could have left him with the in-laws and enjoyed a date, I was worried he'd be extra fussy being sick. He was fine this evening but I think being home helped him feel better too.




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