Today was the 9 month check-up.

  • Weight is 50th percentile at 20.7 pounds
  • Length is 95th percentile at 30.25"
  • Head circumference is 45th percentile 17.75"
He's normal and healthy by all standards! The pediatrician recommended we keep places that are off-limits (like the bathroom) behind closed doors or have a gate. He also recommended keeping a close on him while he cruises the room because often babies will take their first steps when no one is looking. On the acquired skills survey, he aced everything from problem solving to communications to mobility to motor movements. He's got four teeth with two more just barely popping through on the top center. No shots today. He gets his next round of immunizations at 12 months, 15 months and 18 months. That made today's appointment quick, easy and cheaper!

We went to a play date at Preethi's apartment today. Josh had a great time playing with new toys and socializing with other babies. He and Vincent had a good time shaking the ladybug ExerSauser (AKA the Play-de-Bug) and cruising along the sofa. Other banies there anged from about 5 months to nearly a year old. The moms were good company too. :)




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