What a weekend! Went to Kansas Friday night with Joshua. It took 6 hours to get to McPherson. We started late leaving at 8:40 and got to the hotel at 2:35. Unfortunately it took me nearly 3 hours to get Josh back to sleep. He was so excited about his new surroundings that he needed Holsts' The Planets from the hotel clock-radio to finally fall asleep. My mom watched Josh in her room from 8am until about 9:30 giving me a chance to sleep a bit longer and get ready.

At 10am, the family was all gathered at the funeral home for Bonnie's viewing and funeral service. I did not want to look in the casket. Josh was great during the service. I got him to fall asleep on my shoulder for a "short" 30 minute nap. At home 30 minutes is hardly any time for a nap, but when you're holding 20+ pounds of baby, 30 minutes is long enough! We drove to Canton, KS for the burial. I was busy pacifying Josh so I wasn't able to really pay attention to the prayers. The family stopped at the town's cafe diner for lunch. It was the second time the whole family was together- all five children, their spouses and a generous helping of grand-(and greatgrand-)children.

Originally I planned to stay in town visiting with people until the evening. But my mom was leaving at check out (3pm) and everyone else was headed home somewhere in Kansas. I hit the road at 3:30pm hoping Josh would sleep for a while. He slept for nearly 3 hours! I made it almost to Oklahoma City before he woke up and needed a bottle. Mom meet me at a gas station/rest stop while Josh had his bottle and played a bit. She wanted to sleep in Oklahoma City then resume driving to Lubbock the next morning. It takes her about 8-9 hours to drive from Lubbock to McPherson. We hung out in Okla. City for a few hours (checking into a hotel, eating dinner, letting Josh play a bit) before I headed back for Dallas. I got home at 1am this morning. Josh was so tired he didn't even wake up when I transferred him to the crib. Rusty was generous enough to watch Joshua this morning while I slept in. Aaaaaaah!

So what did I learn? Hotel rooms are relatively baby-safe compared to most people's houses. Also, traveling in the day is ok for short trips under 3 hours. Over that, travel at night! Oh yeah, it rained the entire time! From Denton to McPherson, all day Saturday and all the way home, it rained. Driving in rain makes for an entirely exhausting trip.

Funny side note. I tried to feed Josh Gerber jar food while away on the trip. He hated it! I offered him a cheese/broccoli/carrot for lunch and a chicken & vegetable for dinner. I got three bites of the cheese stuff and four of the chicken. I guess I'm stuck making homemade food!




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