Serving up finger foods is working well with Josh. I cut up some mango into small bite-size chunks, which he likes. I also offer him small cubes of cheese and pieces of toast. The last few meals went so well with him self-feeding that I think I'll invest in buying green beans, broccoli, and/or carrots to cook and slice. He still likes yogurt so I'll keep that in his breakfast but let the other meals be finger foods. I haven't figured out what to do with the pureed stuff in the freezer. The fruits can be thawed and mixed with rum for a cocktail while some of the veggies can be cooked into soups, stuffed meat, or something. I'm afraid my at batch of chicken will be useless though. I mixed canteloupe with chicken (which is great when mixed in with carrots or sweet potatoes for baby food, but I doubt there's any recipe in the world that calls for canteloupe and chicken. oh well.

There was supposed to be a group of moms meet at a Starbucks as part of a group. Alas, nobody showed up. Two other people RSVP'd Yes and three RSVP'd Maybe. Luckily Rusty joined me in case this happened. We drank our caffeinated concoctions then headed across the street to let Josh play at a park. There was gravel on the ground instead of the squishy foam or cork. He had fun playing with the tiny rocks but it wasn't conducive for cruising or crawling around.

Last night I went with Matt Peck to crash Tommy's party. Actually we didn't crash it, but we weren't really invited either. Rusty got an invite but I think Tommy forgot me or assumed we'd both get the message. Matt didn't get the invite because of past issues that may be slowly dissipating. I'm encouraging the guys to get over their past and make up. It's none of my business if they're ever pals, I just want to play disc golf and mah-jong, and both of them know how to play these well. My motivation for world peace is solely for selfish purposes!

The obsession over the upcoming trip to Colorado has begun. I'm already planning when we'll be on the road, where we'll stay in Lubbock, what time we'll try to meet up with people while there, where Josh will sleep at Laura's (don't have that figured out yet), what foods I'll need to bring, etc. I think my obsessiveness is due in part from my neurosis and in part as the CEO of Joshua. My job is to make traveling with baby as smooth and painless and possible- which means a good deal of thought and preparation is required.

Oh who am I kidding? I am totally neurotic!




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