Feeling nauseous this evening. But that's ok. I remembered a bright-side I used to tell myself during the first pregnancy: if I weren't feeling sick, something would be wrong. I read a terribly sad article several months ago about a mom who had a miscarriage. In her experience, things were going along normal then one day she didn't feel pregnant. She didn't feel the usual mood swings, cavings, nausea or breast soreness. After a check up, she learned the baby had died. Then a few days later the body naturally flushed the fetus out with a gush of blood. Being mindful of that story helps me appreciate that things are doing what they should be doing, even if it is unpleasant.

I am beginning to feel the pinch of the upcoming month. I feel like I have soooo much to do and it's all due at the same time. I need to plan for Josh's birthday party and send out invitations. I need to pack most of the house before our trip to Vancouver. I need to finish finding the other half of an outfit I want to wear on the trip. I need to finish this website project I've been working on for my job. AND I need to buy Rusty's birthday present by week's end. (yikes!) I'm certain everything will fall into place, but I feel like there's months of work to do and no time to do it all.

Thus, my blogs may become more irregular this month as I try to stay on top of everything. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!




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